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African Gelled Hairstyles Inspirations for 2013

Thank you for viewing my page on African Gelled Hairstyles Inspirations for 2013 Drop by often because it’s forever being updated!

Meg Ryan Short Curly Hairstyle

Meg Ryan would look good in any hair style. She is a great stylist women. Meg Ryan with short curly hair style with golden blonde hair from October 2003. A special actress fit shorts style is Meg Ryan - a head to hear her! In recent years, she has to wear it long, but if we do. It is nice about Meg Ryan's hairstyle that she can have it short, but not too short, it can not be rolled.. While curls can not work the best for Meg Ryan hairstyle. Meg Ryan is one of the most famous superstars in Hollywood.. She has it all, intelligence, beauty, personality and hair.

Meg Ryan Hairstyle · Casual Short Wavy Hairstyle
Meg Ryan's short curly bob

Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle 2012 | Celebrity Hairstyle 2012

Short hairstyles for Summer. 

Victoria Beckham Blonde Bob Short Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham bob hairstyles are becoming very popular with young women, today. This type of short haircut even has its own name, the Pob cut.

Victoria Beckham Hair  
Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle
 Victoria Beckham doesn't seem to carry the unrecognizable factor since she looks just as great with or without makeup. And her hair doesn't seem to ever experience a bad hair day.

Victoria Beckham Hair 

Victoria Beckham Updo Short Hairstyle
When it comes to gorgeous-looking short hair, few can beat Victoria Beckham's. Remember that posh bob? The guy who did that was Ben Cooke, and he's got a few tips on how you can get your short hair to look like Victoria Beckhams.

"The key," he said, "is to have freshly washed hair. If you are having a bad hair day, it's often quicker to start again with a quick wash. You get much better results with clean hair."

He also explained that while the main reason celebs hair looks so great all the time is because they always have a team of professionals looking after them, there are a few things we ordinary mortals can do like the celebs.

"Caring for your hair is essential - deep moisturising treatments should be done at least once a week," he said.

You would be happy to know that Victoria does blow dry her hair. Cooke, however, warns against doing it too often. Heat is very damaging to hair, he explained. "Hair becomes very brittle and dry, losing its shine and luster."

If you must blow dry your hair, make sure you apply a heat-protection product beforehand. And how do you keep it in place and make it look shiny? Get a good hairspray! That keeps the flyaways away.

Victoria Beckham Shaq Bob Short Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous celebrities with short hair. She's rocked iconic short hairstyles for many years now and I particularly love this asymmetrical cut.

 Victoria Beckham Side Shot of the Shag

 Victoria Beckham Hair
A short hair cut can suit a lot of people from short and spiky to short and sleek, whatever your style may be, make sure it suits your face shape, always best to ask your hairstylist on what kind of cut they think would suit you.

 Victoria Beckham Hair
Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle 2012
Get inspired by Victoria Beckham's short hairstyle for your next haircut.

Latest selena gomez 2012

You can compare This Bridal With Long Straight Selena GOmez Hairstyle
Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is known for portraying Alex Russo, the protagonist in the Emmy Award-winning television series Wizards of Waverly Place.

The MTV Europe Music Awards 2012.

It was time for Europe to recognize and award music’s greatest in Frankfurt, Germany during the MTV EMAs. This meant oodles of gorgeous dresses down the red carpet from the music industry’s finest. Rita Ora stunned in her red Marchesa gown as the rest opted for black frocks. Alicia Keys’ showed off a sleek hairdo in her Stella McCartney dress as Taylor Swift glowed in her 1920’s inspired J.Mendell panel dress. Here’s a look at some of the trends that made it down the MTV EMAs 2012 red carpet.

Black is everything. Black was definitely the colour of the night as not more than one celebrity showed up in anything else. Anne V, Isabeli Fontana and Kim Kardashian amongst others wore full black ensembles as their colour of choice.

From L-R: Gwen Stefani, Anne V, Isabeli Fontana, Kim Kardashian

Color. From Alicia Keys in green to Rita Ora’s several red looks, colorful frocks did not go amiss on the MTV EMAs red carpet.

From L-R: Alicia Keys, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Dashingly male. The males brought their A-game to the Awards in casual chic to stylishly male. PSY drew on his signature tuxedo while Ludacris took to all black.

From L-R: Hang Seng, Ludacris, PSY, Pitbull

In the eight. Heidi Klum rocked nine Versace ss13 as hostess of the Europe Music Awards and did not disappoint. From the red carpet on to the stage, some looks were better than others and these were her best.

Heidi Klum

 On Stage.  Gwen Stefani continued her color of choice- black on to the stage whilst Rita Ora stuck to red for her performance on the MTV EMAs stage.

From L-R: Alicia Keys, Rita Ora, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift



My current obsession... STATEMENT NECKLACES

On a wish list post several months ago I said that a statement necklace was at the top of my list... I now have quite a selection which is continuing to grow I just cant stop! They completely change an outfit and are such a handy piece to put with a fairly plain outfit that you have quickly thrown together when in a rush! Here are my favourite 3...

All from Topshop! 
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